Busines consulting company focusing on global trade, commerce and investment established in 2012

Outline of business

1. Consulting on global trade, commerce and investment

2. E-commerce business: set-up and maintenance, check from the viewpoint from legal, tax and accounting and business

3. Trade IT soft and global IT sales soft, linking to accounting soft, tele-work

4. Global trading: non-resident customs clearance, customs representative, bonded factory, export security control, protecting Intellectual Property, FTA, HS number change, tax refund

5. Return goods and tax refund

6. HS number change analysis, obtaining advance ruling, negotiations with customs, disputes, 
Research and permit/approval of other laws and regulations regarding non-tariff barriers

Recently focusing on;

☆ Tariff and VAT
  HS numbering improvements and VAT and VAT schemes

☆ Security trade control compliance

☆ Foreign company establishment, liquidation and accounting tax compliance

Business keywords

International Taxation, Customs VAT, Transfer Pricing, Post-Customs Audit and Investigations
Tax Audit and Investigations, Second Opinion, Financial and Securities Taxation, Intellectual Property Valuation, Mini Audit Security, Trade Control Compliance

EU Tax, USA Tax, India Tax

Shipping business Accounting, Shipping business Taxation, Member of AIBA (Association of International Business Advisors)

Tokyo Office, Osaka Office, Bangkok Representative Office, Sri Lanka Office